Hingham Girls Softball

2019 - Fundraiser - iSlides


Hingham Girls Softball - 2019 Fundraiser

Hingham Girls Softball

2019 Fundraiser


We are excited to launch the HGS fundraiser for 2019 by offering really cool iSlides for sale to your family, friends, neighbors and anyone interested in supporting our program. Fundraising is an important way to generate money to support all the things that go into HGS, including new equipment, uniforms, field improvements, professionally run clinics and more.

Like last year’s sweatpants, we wanted to come up with something everyone would enjoy and we think the iSlides are the perfect item to sell. They look terrific!  And just in time for the spring and summer seasons. We are offering them in three styles (Softball, White/Black and Black/Black) as well as a personalized style where buyers may customize each pair with the person’s name, nickname or favorite meme for an additional cost. The cost for the non-personalized iSlide is $35.00 and the cost for personalized is $45.00.

The fundraiser will run through the spring softball season. We are asking all of the HGS community to get involved to help us sell these! We are offering rewards to the top sellers for their hard work. 

-  Those who sell 25 iSlides will earn a $25 American Express gift card.

-  Those who sell 50 or more iSlides will earn a $75 American Express gift card.

All sellers should use the attached order form to take orders from your customers. When taking orders, sellers will need to collect money in the form of a personal check or credit card. If credit card, then please direct the buyer to our website (www.hinghamgirlssoftball.com), where they should place their order by entering their credit card details.

For each order, we will need the following:

1. Full name of the purchaser

2. Code telling which design they are purchasing and if they want to personalize

- Softball,  W/B or B/B3

3.  Shoe Size using the sizing chart below

4. For personalization, add a code (-P) indicating they want a personalized pair of iSlides

- Softball-P, W/B-P or B/B-P

-  If they are personalizing, then include text/name in the appropriate box

5.  Acceptance of payment


Please direct any questions regarding this fundraiser to:

John Morton